We all have been there, putting some extra weight and worrying about losing it. It is convenient for most of us to make a new year resolution to lose weight, but a few weeks in and it goes right back where it was.

You might wonder, why is it that every time you try to do this, it fails. Well, pause and think for a moment, for most people, the conclusion comes down to one thing – sleeping problem. People who have irregular sleep patterns are more likely to gain extra weight than those who don’t.

Now that we understand the relation between sleeping patterns and weight gain, we can find a way to solve your problem. Here is a brief look at how treating insomnia can help you lose weight.

Losing weight through insomnia treatment

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to maintain your overall mental and physical health. While everyone’s body’s reaction is not the same when it comes to how much weight they can or can’t gain, the link between sleep and weight is apparent. Too little sleep might cause too much increase in body weight.

The primary reason why sleeping has such a profound impact on a person’s health is that it directly affects the hormones Leptin and Ghrelin, which are responsible for regulating hunger. When you don’t get enough sleep, these hormones become imbalanced that results in you feeling hungrier than usual.

The condition is also not helped by the fact that lack of sleep also affects blood sugar levels that lead to the craving for junk food. When we eat these high sugar foods and avoid healthy options, our body weight becomes apparent.

Though eating a burger or pizza here and there is not a big deal, the real problem can crop up when you start eating this stuff regularly.

Research conducted by the Sleep Council found that lack of proper sleep can contribute to the development of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease and increase the risk of early death by 12 percent.

While these stats might look scary, there is no need to be alarmed. You have plenty of options to tackle this problem, and you can quickly get help if you want. Also, be aware that treating insomnia is not that hard of a thing to do. About 81% of the people who seek treatment get better afterward.

So, if you experience difficulty sleeping and want to get your weight under control, then the best option for you is to reach out to a healthcare professional and start the treatment.

Get fit by overcoming insomnia

Another crucial determinant in how much weight you are going to lose is how much do you exercise. Disrupted sleep can often result in a feeling of tiredness and unwillingness to do anything. The link between sleep and exercise also plays a role in losing weight.

By improving your sleep quality, you can feel more relaxed and refreshed. When you take care of your insomnia, you wake up more energized to exercise.

The connection between exercise and sleep is not a one-way street. While the quality of sleep can motivate you to exercise more, the fatigue caused by doing intense physical activity can help you sleep better at night. These two compliments each other and ultimately help you to reach your goal of losing weight.

Many doctors also recommend doing some exercise as a treatment for insomnia. When combined with insomnia medication, it can speed up the recovery process.

To see the best results, you might need to exercise regularly at least three times a week. Try to hit the 150 minutes weekly mark to see the positive impact of exercise on your body and mind.

You can experience two-fold benefits by sticking to an exercise schedule. On the one hand, it directly helps you lose weight, and on the other, it will improve your sleep quality, which can also have a positive impact on your quest to decrease your body weight.

Ways in which insomnia treatment can keep you healthy

While losing weight can be one thing that you might want to do. It is essential to take care of your overall mental and physical health. Addressing other issues like stress, anxiety, and other psychological problems can significantly improve your physical health.

While it might sound like a magical remedy, a good night’s sleep can solve most of your health-related problems. There is ample documentation on the effects of sleep on our bodies. It restores the energy, helps grow and repair tissue muscle, and releases hormones essential for the proper functioning of the body. By looking at the functions it performs, it is clear that we need quality sleep as much as possible.

After knowing the importance of sleep, you should also think about avoiding the things that can actively decrease the quality and quantity of the rest that you get. Chief among such things is alcohol, which drastically impacts the brain functions and worsens insomnia symptoms. So, if you are fighting insomnia, it is crucial to say no to alcohol and other intoxicating substances.

Thinking ahead

You can conclude from what we have discussed above that fighting insomnia positively impacts your weight loss commitment. While you might start this journey only to address the weight issues you are facing, you must know that when you make having a quality sleep your priority, it can have tremendous long-lasting effects.

It can allow you to do much more than what you initially set out to achieve. By improving the sleep quality, you can see the improvement in your mental health as well. It can help you focus on things you want to do, get your finances in order, and make more time for yourself and your friends and family.

It can free up your mind from constant stress and anxiety, which might give you a chance to learn new skills or get into new hobbies.

We understand that changing your lifestyle or seeking treatment for insomnia is not a simple thing to do for anyone. The benefits one can get from these can easily outweigh any compromises you have to make to restore the balance of sleep in your life.

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