Lower Back Pain: Symptoms and Treatment

Lower Back Pain: Symptoms and Treatment

Lower Back Pain :

Lower back pain is a common issue that is seen occurring in so many people around us. A lot of times, people ignore it after a while; it transforms into a significant setback. The reason why lower back pain becomes a severe problem is due to the ignore at an early stage. Any pain in your body that is not treated at the right time will cause a specific problem after a while. There are three types of back pain – acute pain, chronic pain, and neuropathic pain. Here are a few facts that you should know about lower back pain –

The functioning of the low back includes structural support, movement of the body, and protection of specific body tissues.
The pain in the lower back can be an outcome of the affected areas like – bony lumbar spine, intervertebral discs, ligaments around the spine, or so.
Treatment of back pain may differ as per the condition of the person. If the pain is not that acute, the use of home remedies will be enough to manage the situation.

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain :

Low back pain might be acute and may cause a lot of pain. These types of conditions may become chronic if not treated at the right time. Management of pain with the help of a medication or other methods will limit the symptoms, and the problem will not get severe. Identifying the signs of back pain and finding out the underlying cause of the pain will help in treating the root cause of the issue.

The common symptoms of lower back pain –

Aching and dull pain – The pain remains in the lower back and is often termed as axial pain. This kind of pain is slow and causes aches rather than the burning and stingy feeling. In addition to the lower back pain, it will be accompanied by muscle spasms.
Pain occurring through the buttocks, legs, and feet – These kinds of pain includes feeling that is sharp, stinging, and tingling. Its sensation can be numb and moves through the thighs, legs, and feet. This condition in medical terms is known as sciatica.
Pain that occurs due to sitting for long – When you sit for long in the same position, it creates pressure on the disc leading to lower back pain. It may be worse for people who keep on sitting in the same place for a prolonged period. Exercising and walking on a regular basis can alleviate the problem of back pain.
Pain that occurs when you change your position – People may also face an issue when they sit for long in the same place. Some people are comfortable in their position while others feel relaxed sitting in the same. At first, it may not be an issue, but later it will create problems that may require proper treatment.

Symptoms of lower back pain that need immediate attention –

When a person keeps on ignoring the pain occurring in the lower back, it will get severe with time. Sometimes, there can also be an underlying medical condition related to this type of pain.

For symptoms as such, a person needs to take medical help –
Uncontrolled bowel movements
Loss of bladder
Fever and chills
Weight loss
Pain in the abdomen
In addition to this, a person may also experience pain symptoms after a personal incident or trauma. Severe or acute pain in the lower back will inevitably interfere with your daily activities. Thus, you must take measures to avoid any such major problem.

Diagnosis of Lower Back Pain :

A professional health expert must examine any severe or acute pain in your body. A doctor will test a person’s ability to sit, walk, stand, or lift his/her legs. After this, you will be asked about the severity of pain, and it is bearable or not. This will be the necessary information that your doctor requires to study your system’s internal functioning.

You will be diagnosed for the condition after going through the following tests –

MRI or CT scans – These scans will generate images that will help in identifying if there is a problem in discs, bones, muscles, ligaments, tissue, blood vessels, or nerves.
X-ray – It will show the alignment of bone in your body and identify if there is anything broken in there or not. However, these images alone will not help in case of a problem with the spinal cord, nerves, or muscles.
Blood test – It will determine if there is an infection or any other condition that may be the reason to cause pain.
Nerve studies – It is done through the EMG (Electromyography), which measures the electrical impulses.

Treatment of Lower Back Pain :

In most of the cases, any condition of back pain can be treated with the help of home remedies. It is not necessary that every person feels the same complexity of pain that the other person may face. In some cases, the extremity of pain will go away within a few days, but it may return within a few days. For such periodical pain, you need to take guidance from a health advisor.

To overcome the issue of lower back pain, a doctor will prescribe for some exercises along with medications. The severity of pain will determine the amount of drug you’ll be taking in a day. A doctor may also provide you with over-the-counter medicines for pain relief.

While you on the regular intake of the drug, remember that you cannot take it for a prolonged period. Your health expert will provide with the right dosage of the drug and also limit the time for which you’ll be taking medicine. There are a variety of medications available for the treatment of pain. However, it is a must that you seek advice from your doctor before starting with any pain-relief medicines.

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